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Our Team

“As President of Glass & Company, it is my responsibility to ensure we are consistently meeting our client’s needs and bringing value to our relationships. It isn’t enough to simply respond to our client’s requests. We must take a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach if we want to keep our clients at the top of their game.”

“Client service is my primary focus and it all starts with listening. Each client is unique and I need to understand their individual situations and what they want to achieve. From there, my full attention is directed towards helping them reach their goals.”

“Clients come to us for guidance and solutions. As an advisor, my job is to help them achieve the best possible outcome in each situation. Truly listening to their needs and understanding their position allows me to prepare a plan that will assist them in reaching their goals.”

“My goal is to build long-term client relationships rooted in trust, respect and open communication. A positive attitude, friendly smile and quick response can go a long way in making a client feel valued. I have a genuine concern for my client’s success and will always be their biggest advocate.”

“As a tax adviser, my clients look to me to guide them through the complex maze of tax regulations and provide results-oriented solutions to help them succeed. It’s important that I have a solid understanding of their history and objectives and a relationship that is built on trust, openness and managed expectations. When my clients are happy, I know my hard work is paying off.”

Tom Glass

Senior Consultant | tglass@glasscpa.com

“You can’t go wrong with hard work, perseverance and integrity. If you keep these three things at the forefront of everything you do, chances are you’ll end up with a successful outcome.”

The folks at Glass & Company have been with us since day one. They are a great group of people and have played a vital role in our growth from a start-up company in 1998 to a $110 million entity today. Our relationship has developed into a valuable resource throughout the years and I consider them a trusted advisor.”

– Gino Inman, General Partner, Republic Plastics, Ltd.

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